Duration and extension of the employment card

The labor card is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic for a period of occurrence of labor relations for a maximum of 2 years. Upon expiration of this card, it is possible to extend it for another 2 years. Important! A foreign citizen is obliged to submit an application for renewal of the card no earlier than 120 days and no later than the last day of the validity period of the employment card. It is advisable to submit this application two months (60 days) before the expiration of the valid labor card (the date is indicated on the front of the card). Submission is made to the Police for Foreigners (OAMP).

The process is the same as when you first receive a labor card:
When submitting an application, a foreign citizen is obliged to submit his biometric data – fingerprints and photos. A document confirming the fulfillment of the requirements necessary for obtaining a labor card will also be issued. This document allows you to continue the employment relationship in the Czech Republic, even if the work card has not yet been issued. Important! When submitting documents, you must pay a fee of 1500 CZK, payment is made in stamps (called “kolková známka” in Czech – can be bought at post office).

If during the approval of a labor card a foreign citizen plans to travel outside the Czech Republic, you must submit a request for an additional visa (called “překlenovací pobytový štítek”). We recommend you to request this visa in any case during the extension of the employment card.

The official period for consideration of an application for the extension of the labor card is 60 days. After obtaining approval, the personal presence of the applicant is required upon receipt of the card. It is also necessary to pay the second part of the fee – 1000 CZK, payment is made in stamps (called “kolková známka” in Czech – can be bought at post office).