The highest wages are in Prague

The highest wages are in Prague. The capital of the republic offers salaries 20-50% higher than the other regions. This is not surprising, since it is in the center and it is well-known that world famous companies and brands prefer to open offices right there. According to the Ministry of Social Policy in 2019, the average salary in Prague was announced as almost 36 thousand crowns (without deducting tax deductions).
The highest salaries in the Czech Republic by profession:
The highest salaries have directors of enterprises, lawyers and programmers. The Czech labor market has a large shortage of specialists in the aircraft industry and professional managers in this field. Perhaps that is the reason why air traffic controllers are offered that high salary in the Czech Republic in the amount of more than 110 thousand crowns (4,300 euros).

The remaining high-paying professions look like this (monthly amount in crowns):
· Head of a large company – from 100,000;
· The head doctor of the clinic – from 89,000, offices – from 60,000. Salary of an ordinary doctor in the Czech Republic is about 30-40 thousand;
· Leading Bank Officer (financial specialization) – from 77,000;
· PR manager – from 40,000 crowns.

Unskilled workers receive in crowns:
· Employees of public services (not private) – from 12,000 (almost 500 euros).
· The catering staff (waiters), watchmen, guards – from 16 000.
· Assistant in the kitchen – from 15 000 and above.
· Tailors and seamstresses – from 14,000 kroons;
· Sellers – 15,000 CZK.
· Drivers – up to 20,000 kroons.

The “middle class” includes specialists in the field of pedagogy, the extraction of natural resources, public administration, and social security. The income of specialists with an average salary in the Czech Republic in crowns is:
· Veterinarian – 30,000;
· Journalist – 29,000;
· Special equipment driver – 28,500;
· Level 1 teacher – 25,000;
· Plumber – 23,000.